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Police returned the car to Bearwood Garage, rather than Mr Morris, because it was registered in the garage's name - and he has not seen it since.
A Bearwood gold-buying centre and pub owner have teamed up to beat the parking problems in the High Street.
Fitness First's Health and fitness manager in Bearwood Lyndsey Wyse said Rhydian was a big hit with members and staff at the gym.
PLACES OF INTEREST There is a bustling ribbon of shops running up Bearwood Road and along Three Shires Oak Road catering to local needs.
Sandwell has erected the clock on the Bearwood side of Hagley Road close to Lightwoods Park and has done an excellent job but that's not the point.
And on Saturday, the former Bartley Green Technology College student opened his latest exhibition - a pictorial history of Bearwood.
The late, great Andy Hamilton hosted the jazz club in Bearwood - formerly in the Bear Tavern and now in its current home, Bearwood Corks Club - every week with a rich mix of local, national and international players.
But the long-awaited report found that Bearwood met the requirements of a permissible donor by being registered at Companies House, incorporated within the UK or another EU member state, and carrying on business in the UK at the time the donation is made.
It has so far spent 18 months probing Bearwood Corporate Services, the firm Ashcroft used to funnel millions into Tory coffers.
The peer has given the party over pounds 5million since 2003 through a firm called Bearwood Corporate Services.
At the 2005 general election, Alun Cairns and the Vale of Glamorgan Conservatives received a pounds 5,000 donation from Bearwood Corporate Services Ltd, a company owned by Lord Ashcroft, the Tories' biggest donor.
The Electoral Commission confirmed reports in the Sunday Mirror and Sunday Telegraph that it was mounting a formal investigation into the donations made by Bearwood Corporate Services.