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A supporting point or surface.


1. the female genital tract.
2. a piece of harness.

lose the bearing
uterine prolapse.
bearing retainer
device for retaining a replaced uterine or vaginal prolapse.
bearing trouble
see vaginal prolapse.
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Neodymium iron boron magnets offer optimized torque density, while the bearing retainer and o-ring help reduce motor noise.
The example shown loads automotive wheel studs into a bearing retainer, with a 2-in, lift, 6-in.
The PKB extended-life bearing retainer offers self-lubricating and life-extending additives as an enhancement to their proven retainer design.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Bearing Retainer Coller (Pe) For Tm - 7362 A ( Cgl ) Drg.
The selection of holders became critical where we were simultaneously drilling and counterboring three bearing retainer holes on a common head and needed to hold size and location tolerances of 0.