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A supporting point or surface.


1. the female genital tract.
2. a piece of harness.

lose the bearing
uterine prolapse.
bearing retainer
device for retaining a replaced uterine or vaginal prolapse.
bearing trouble
see vaginal prolapse.
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JSB offers an extensive range of bearings and bearing solutions which help in keeping the machines and equipment in top-notch condition.
bear up : to have strength or courage <She's bearing up under the stress.
Ball bearing assemblies and special designs can be fully customized.
Located in Troy, NY, Pacamor Kubar Bearings is one of the last American owned and operated precision miniature and instrument ball bearing manufacturers.
Reed Payne, President of Microtech Dental Manufacturing stated, "Microtech has been using PKB dental bearings in our canisters ever since this product line was introduced.
The new extended life bearings include high quality stainless steel rings, new design features, and specialty component materials developed for dental bearing applications.
Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB), a domestic manufacturer of miniature and instrument ball bearings, has gone online with a new website which includes a searchable catalog of all standard bearing products manufactured at the New York factory.