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/bear·ber·ry/ (ber´ber-e)


Herbal medicine
An evergreen shrub, the leaves of which contain allantoin, arbutin, flavonoids, phenolic acid and tannins; it is diuretic and tonic, and has been used by herbalists to treat urinary infections and low back pain.

Bearberry should not be used in pregnancy, as it stimulates uterine contractions and may cause nausea, tinnitus and convulsions.


A shrub (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) whose dried leaves are used in various formulations; studies suggest value in diabetes and weight loss; purported value as a diuretic; use has been known to discolor urine.
Synonym(s): crowberry, foxberry, uva-ursi.

bearberry (ber·ber·ē),

n Latin names:
Arctostaphylos uvaursi, Arctostaphylos coactylis, Arctostaphylos adenotricha; parts used: dried leaves; uses: antimicrobial, antiinflam-matory, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, urinary infections; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, diuretic medications, NSAIDs, mutagenic, carcinogenic, hepatotoxicity; not recommended for long-term use. Also called
arctostaphylos, bear's grape, crowberry, foxberry, hogberry, kinnikinnick, manzanita, mountain box, or
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The sale includes the Bearberry and Ricinus properties, which are located in west central Alberta, near Sundre.
From the blue-spotted salamander, which more than lives up to its name, to the piping plover, who blends perfectly into its earthly surroundings at the edge of the water and the bearberry that stands in stark contrast to it, the flora and fauna of the sand dunes and other structures surrounding Lake Michigan and Lake Superior are richly varied and well-grounded.
In western Canada, the bearberry bush has historically been of importance to animals and humans.
Table 1 Berries and Other Plants Harvested by the Teetl'it Gwich'in Tetlit Gwich'in English Latin Natl'at Cranberry/Lingonberry Vaccinium viti-idaea Jak na Dwarf Blueberry/ Vaccinium caespitosum Bog Bilberry Vaccinium uliginosum Nakal Cloudberry Rubus chamaemorus Nichih Rosehips Rosa acicularis Ts'iivii ch'ok Juniper Berries Juniperus communis Deetree jak Black Currant Ribes hudsonianum Nee'uu Red Currant Ribes triste Shis jak Red Bearberry Arctostaphylos rubra Dineech'uh Crowberry Empetrum nigrum
Two other supplements are sometimes claimed to prevent UTIs: vitamin C and bearberry (uva ursi).
The new product, which contains an extract of bearberry leaves as an active ingredient, helps alleviate urinary symptoms such as discomfort when urinating and a constant urge to urinate.
Common ones are bearberry, mulberry, cranberry (this contains arbutin I natureOs skin lightener), liquorice and kojic acid derived from malted rice.
Cohen relates, "I cleansed Jon with a smudge of local bearberry leaves and juniper.
Moisture regime is sub-mesic and soil nutrient levels appear to be low as key understory plants in the uncut stand were caribou lichens, bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), and scattered Canada wild rye (Elymus canadensis).
This book profiles 25 botanical specimens collected by the duo, including Osage orange, snowberry, camas, bearberry, and ponderosa pine.
I love to dazzle them with benches of lush hostas, astilbe alive with their feathery blooms, ligularia towering overhead, vincas, violets, bearberry, cliffgreen, trout lily and of course lady's slipper.