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An acronym for the components to maintain the kidneys in optimal state:
• Control Blood pressure
• Erythropoietin
• Maintianing Access for long-term dialysis
• Early referral to a Nephrologist or Specialist


see phaseolus and vicia.

Patient discussion about beans

Q. am allergic to all nuts and seeds, is it possible to be allergic to all legumes as well ie soy beans

A. Yes, it's possible, although not extremely common. You can read more here (

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Sellers, Vicki Bean, Don Bean; buyers, Vicki Bean AKA Vicki Jo Bean, Don Bean AKA Don Edward Bean Jr.
Beans contain oligosaccharides, carbs that our digestive enzymes can't break down.
Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus) thrive in warm, humid weather and are often resistant to pests that bother regular beans.
Saturday morning would come, and the bean pot would be full of smelly, funky water with a few of last week's beans still clinging to the sides.
Fiber: Beans contain both beneficial soluble and insoluble fibers.
Of course, canned beans are everywhere in all the varieties that are most commonly eaten.
There has been little innovation in baked beans," said Branston marketing manager Nick Rabin.
Add salt and beans and boil 15 minutes if using fresh favas and 30 minutes if using dried favas.
In the current study, the researchers studied the lead isotopic compositions of cocoa beans and shells from six farms in Nigeria's top three producing states to determine if soil or farm sources might be the cause of lead contamination.