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A small photon intensity element used to subdivide an intensity-modulated beam for intensity distribution optimisation or dose calculations treatment planning


Also referred to as a bixel; a small photon intensity element used to subdivide an IMRT beam for the purpose of treatment calculation for radiation therapy.
Synonym(s): bixel.
[beam + -let, dim. suffix]
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By bringing all elements into place, Beamlet could be connected to Sandia's Z-Accelerator, an extremely powerful device that would then be used to produce x-ray images of infinitesimally small explosions resembling fusion reactions.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory originally built the Beamlet laser to serve as the scientific prototype of the National Ignition Facility.
To study the emittance growth of beam merging, the LBNL scientists injected 119 beamlets into an electrostatic quadrupole channel.
Parallel-scan, microlaser-based, direct-write displays employ a scan architecture in which multiple beamlets of light are modulated and then scanned in parallel.
The grids create thousands of exhaust beamlets as the ions pass through the screens.