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The ScanEagle will fly over RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, and organisers hope to demonstrate its capabilities by beaming down images of the show taken by the plane to giant screens.
OK, so camp cleaning queen Kim and dirt detective Aggie MacKenzie may make the unlikeliest of superstars and it's almost disturbing to think of their cherubic faces beaming down at Manhattan from billboards and buses, but they really do work well in their glitzier environment.
In reality, the host of TV's red-hot ``American Idol'' isn't so stuck up that he's rubbing his hands together with an evil cackle, imagining his face beaming down from satellites across the universe - that would be his ``Idol'' nemesis Simon Cowell.
This time they're beaming down to blissful Ba'ku whose inhabitants seem to have discovered the secret of eternal life.
The sun beaming down on Middlesbrough Town Hall which is to get a revamp.
During Space Hop, the Dalek will also be beaming down in Newcaslte's East End Library on Saturday, July 26, from 1pm and Gosforth Library on Friday, August 6, from 10am.
Scarlett has also just signed up to be the face of Calvin Klein fragrance so her beautiful smile will be beaming down from billboards worldwide.
Beaming down was the rest of the crew, including Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton and Martina Sirtis.
As soon as I stepped off the plane in Johannesburg and it was beaming down, I thought to myself: "Yeah, this could be just the job for you, Ron.