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Boston Scientific EPI: A Carotid Stenting Trial for High-Risk Surgical Patients. A trial evaluating M&M for high-risk patients treated with Carotid WALLSTENT® with FilterWire EX®/EZ™ System distal protection

Primary endpoint 1-year M&M—cumulative non Q-wave MI within 24 hours of carotid stenting, death in 30 days, stroke, Q-wave MI, ipsilateral stroke or fatal neurologic events up to 1 year
Conclusions Stenting with the Carotid WALLSTENT® together with the FilterWire EX®/EZ™ in a high risk surgical population that otherwise met all other enrollment criteria demonstrated acceptable 30 day and 1-year safety results
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jointly selected 20 beaches offering pleasant environments.
color) Frank Langen of Santa Monica visits Will Rogers State Beach, one of Los Angeles County's dirtiest beaches.
Critical Thinking: No two beaches have the same exact needs: Tactics that help one beach might harm another.
People get sick when they go to beaches, and the real problem is that some states don't even monitor their waters" says Kelli McGee, the coastal program counsel for the American Oceans Campaign.
Although treated beaches whitened more quickly than untreated ones, suggesting that microbial cleaning occurred faster there, researchers were unable to determine exactly how much oil had disappeared.
In Oregon, rising seas and pounding waves, intensified in winter 1998 by El Nino (a warm Pacific Ocean current), stripped beaches of dunes and threatened to drown homes.
She began by observing piping plovers at several New Jersey beaches, including Brigantine Beach, a flat, sandy stretch backed by a belt of dunes, just north of Atlantic City.
With eight and half miles of pristine California beaches, Huntington Beach is fast becoming a destination of choice for vacationers and business travelers alike.
That's troubling news for Los Angeles County and its coastal cities, which face tough new rules starting in August that will require good water quality at beaches between the Ventura County line and Palos Verdes Peninsula every single day during the dry season.
Antismoking advocates said smokers have no constitutional right to light up at beaches, particularly in the face of evidence that secondhand smoke contributes to about 3,000 deaths a year.
5-mile long stretch of white sandy beaches, world-class hotels, exceptional recreation features and the destination's proximity to historic Mayan archeological sites.
With incredible anticipation, our entire hotel team looks forward to welcoming travelers to discover some of the most natural, unspoiled beaches on the Atlantic, by staying with us at the Doubletree Guest Suites Melbourne Beach Oceanfront," said Anthony Lazzara, hotel general manager.