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William H., English surgeon, 1855-1936. See: Battle sign.
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Andy Dumbell, managing director of Control F1, said: "We're delighted to have been named a Little British Battler.
But the box-to-box battler insisted Boro are still in it.
Italian battler Andreas Seppi should have too much class for Vasek Pospisil today
While Howard craftily withdrew the battler after 1996--battlers aren't supposed to be battling once a leader has the power to act--the values they supposedly strived to express were clearly still in play.
The battler is a political term because it is the generic 'you'--the mum-and-dad investor, small business, employer and contractor of labour, parents, etc.
MASCOTS Kemik the Viking and Battler the Bulldog hit the heights in Blackpool recently in the company of Robbie Paul to get a feel for the seaside resort in the run-up to the Northern Rail Cup final between Widnes and Batley on Sunday, July 18 and Northern Rail 9s at Fylde Rugby Club on Saturday, July 17.
BRITISH battler Carl Froch has threatened to quit the Super Six series if promoters break an agreement to hold his next fight on home turf.
Hardy and Professor Battler have made significant breakthroughs in the field of angiogenesis with a novel mechanism of action.
TEENAGE battler Joshua Martin returned to school yesterday for the first time since he was struck down with aggressive stomach tumours.
A CHARITY night in memory of inspirational cancer battler Donna Long will take place in Billingham next month.
White said: "Dan's tough as hell, a real battler, and he's proved that he can be world champion in the future.
It is a deserved reward for battler Ward, who looked to have blown his big chance of a major belt when he was badly beaten in a British title challenge to Londoner Martin Power in May last year.