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William H., English surgeon, 1855-1936. See: Battle sign.
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Internationally recognized for her skill and mastery of technique, Battler has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Moscow and Shanghai and her paintings can be found in public and private collections around the world.
Uruguayan battler Pablo Cuevas could struggle against an impressive Juan Carlos Ferrero at Roland Garros today
The strong pace of the Champion Hurdle means there are few hiding places and tough battlers tend to come to the fore, and this probably explains why winners have had at least ten runs over hurdles.
45pm)She might have been killed off at the end of the last series but young and old men alike will surely be pleased to hear that the blonde battler of the undead is back for a sixth series.
But Fergie adds: "Even though you can see what the manager is doing, the team still needs a battler.
The addition of Kelly Montgomery Hoy, Tammy Battler, Neal Cukerbaum, Craig Russey, Robin Walker, Andy Beisel, Steve Friedman, Bjorn Anderson, Robbie McGuire, Kevin Woodman and Ed Pekarek will significantly augment our management team, and we look forward to the contributions that each of these outstanding individuals will make to the continued success of the Company.
PETE SAMPRAS is looking for greater consistency after overcoming injury fears and British battler Martin Lee in the round clash.
He's a bulldog, he's a battler,'' Eagles coach Scott Drootin said.
Last week I was recommending taking the 9-2, this time I still think 7-2 represents a fair price about toppling Montjeu - and I suggest you get a bit because he is a battler, and come the roughhouse of Longchamp that's the sort of ally you need.
Blackburn's midfield battler had a cartilage 'scope' before undergoing minor surgery.
But battler Dott, the 2004 World Championship finalist, fought back to level at 5-5 and was in the balls in the deciding 11th frame.
Mark Lee, of Ambler Grove, Stoke, joined six friends, including fellow cancer battler Ivor Booth, and completed a coast to coast walk from St Bede's Head to Robin Hood's Bay.