battered spouse syndrome

bat·tered spouse syn·drome

physical, psychological, and emotional injuries in a person subjected to abuse by a spouse or domestic partner; usually associated with alcoholism in the abusing spouse.
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8] Evidence that a woman suffers from battered spouse syndrome addresses part one of this standard, namely, whether the woman honestly feared for her life.
A defense premised on battered spouse syndrome was all but impossible.
Judicial recognition of the validity of battered spouse syndrome resolves part one of the test; the reasonableness of a defendant's belief that harm was imminent.
21] By removing the absolute duty to retreat, battered spouse syndrome now has legal "teeth" in Florida.
1984), one of the first, and leading, cases to recognize the merits of the battered spouse syndrome defense.
Walker was an expert on battered spouse syndrome, the methodology of Dr.
1993) (holding that expert testimony regarding the existence of battered spouse syndrome is admissible); also Rogers v.