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Frederick E., British ophthalmologist, 1865-1918. See: Batten-Mayou disease, Batten disease.
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And in those circumstances the church has to decide whether it can best respond by being more decentralized, by allowing more free discussion within the church, or by battening down the hatches because there's a storm coming.
The other thing we have seen today is a lack of buying interest - people are battening down the hatches while they see what happens in the US.
With Crewe battening down the hatches, a United equaliser looked less likely.
Most households are battening down the hatches in expectation that recovery is a long way off, according to a poll for the Resolution Foundation.
FEARS that consumers are finally battening down the hatches rose yesterday after the CBI showed pre-Christmas sales dipped for the first time in a decade.
Dealers expect to sell less than two million new cars this year with buyers battening down the hatches due to pressure from rising bills and mounting job insecurity.
BRITS are battening down the hatches after a deluge of economic warnings yesterday.