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A non-interactive, one-way transmission of data that does not require an immediate response, if at all.

A command-line parameter available for some programs that enables running of a program as a separate process in a batch queue; the program job may execute immediately as a separate process or may wait in a batch queue to execute at a later time. After the job is submitted to batch, the terminal is freed for other work.

A group of clinical specimens that are processed at the same time.

A specific quantity of material or drug substance processed in one run or a series of runs, and thus expected to result in a homogenous end-product.
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An advantage to loss-in-weight batching is that multiple ingredients can be simultaneously discharged into the process, reducing batch creation time.
Also, the complexity of the batching routine required will affect the associated software and hardware requirements.
If your process requires batching accuracy better than [+ or -] 1 lb.
Weigh batching directly from bulk bags" is based on a paper given at the May, 1997 Rubber Division meeting.
All these devices are applied in order to guarantee the repeatability of all batching operations independently of climatic and environmental conditions.
It also provides for transfer to dally tanks and from these to the batching systems, one for each mixer, and to the eventual feeding tanks of the mixers dust stop rings.
In all cases of batching, manually or automatic outside the line, marking systems are provided enabling the identification of the packed bags.
In cases of batching in line, the small powders are loaded in the mixer using one of the side openings.
Everything examined until now is the base for design and construction of a reliable plant regarding conservation of the raw material characteristics, of the batching accuracy and the introduction and the constancy of the operation's repeatability independently from climatic and human factors.
In a plant for feeding of a mixer producing batches for tires, the scales to be controlled are in the widest configuration: polymers scale; carbon black scale; white fillers scale; oils scale; small powders batching scale (on-line or outside line); and a small powders control scale (when weighing outside line).