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A non-interactive, one-way transmission of data that does not require an immediate response, if at all.

A command-line parameter available for some programs that enables running of a program as a separate process in a batch queue; the program job may execute immediately as a separate process or may wait in a batch queue to execute at a later time. After the job is submitted to batch, the terminal is freed for other work.

A group of clinical specimens that are processed at the same time.

A specific quantity of material or drug substance processed in one run or a series of runs, and thus expected to result in a homogenous end-product.
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Just as with work history, the RPA can be used to monitor heat history applied to a compound by measuring the changes in compound scorch safety and cure times as the final mixed batches pass through downstream processes.
Therefore, in this series of batches, the rotor speed is controlled by the reference curve of temperature, with the energy curve superimposed as a second controlling variable.
Information about suspended files and batches is available on line.
They run thousands of batches of material each week, so the software system must efficiently handle this load in memory.
According to Maguire, variation isn't significant because a blender's mixing hopper holds two to four batches, and an extruder screw can hold three to four times the volume of the mixing unit, or roughly 12 batches.
An alternate means of operation would be to weigh across multiple batches of the same recipe.
In the early days of plastics processing, blends were produced in large batches by hand-measuring ingredients and putting them together in something like a huge cement mixer.
The software includes a Visual Basic-based "routing wizard" to create simple routing sequences that move batches of documents through a defined sequence of capture operations (such as scanning, image enhancement, one or more indexing steps, data validation, image quality control and committal to permanent storage).
After mixing, the rheological behavior of the batches was measured with a Negretti Automation TMS biconical rotor rheometer.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio, lets you dry four 35-lb batches of different materials or one 140-lb batch.
HD series of heavy-duty bung mixers handles 55-gal batches of heavy materials that are beyond the range of direct-drive mixers.