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2009) have correlated the acropetal initiation of primary branches with the presence of a determinate symmetry type; and the basipetal initiation of primary branches with an unstable simetry, that is, the existence of different types of symmetry among inflorescences within one species.
Order of flower initiation generally differs in determinate and indeterminate inflorescences: basipetal in the former; acropetal in the latter.
These results disagree with the findings of Peoples and Matthews (1981) and Ashley (1972) that the only direction for transport of assimilates in sympodia is basipetal.
Immediately following this stage, the primary capitula begin to differentiate in a basipetal sequence (Classen-Bockhoff, 1992).
between the position of the nucleus and the tip (but not in the extreme tip) - in larger numbers than in more basipetal regions are dictyosomes, mitochondria, and cisternae of endoplasmic reticulum (Sievers 1963a; Meekes, 1985; Ridge, 1988).
Root hairs synthesize an extra wall layer (a secondary cell wall, or [Beta] layer) internal to the primary cell wall beginning basipetal to the immediate tip (Belford & Preston, 1961; Newcomb & Bonnett, 1965).
1987) provided evidence that microtubules may be responsible for "anchoring" the nucleus to the root hair tip, and micro filaments may mediate the basipetal movement of the nucleus during infection-thread growth.
The blade/stem (internode) ratio increased fivefold in basipetal fashion from Phytomer 3 to Phytomers 6 or 7 (data not shown).
No axillary branches occurred basipetal to Phytomer 6 on any of the culms in either year.
14]C from the plant base and basipetal translocation of [sup.
Several authors have illustrated that internode development is acropetal in dicots and basipetal in monocots primarily due to the location of intercalary meristems (Evans, 1965; Sachs, 1965; Kaufman et al.