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A receptacle for fluids.


1 a receptacle for collecting or holding fluids. A kidney-shaped basin is commonly used as an emesis receptacle.
2 term used to describe the shape of the pelvis.


(1) Pelvis.
(2) A flattened hollow bowl for holding liquids for washing, and for various other uses.


An open, bowl-like container for holding liquids. It may be shaped to fit around a structure.

emesis basin

A kidney-shaped basin that can fit close to the neck so vomitus may be collected.

lymph node basin

The lymph nodes, considered collectively, into which lymph channels drain from a particular region of the body. Lesions on an arm, for example, drain into the axillary basin; those on a leg drain into the groin. Similarly, prostate cancers drain into pelvic and periaortic basins.
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The object of the research was the territory of Belgorod region, where we performed the basinal and administrative approach towards rationalization of the nature management.
This could happen for continuous re-equilibration (case 1) or for severe basinal compartmentation into hydrodynamically isolated cells, where the fluid pressure is much lower than would correspond to a fully hydrostatic load.
The valley widens gradually and the Solimoes River meanders strongly in the basinal regions between the arches.
That mountain-building event sent deep basinal fluids migrating north and west, and these migrating fluids are thought to be responsible for the galena, sphalerite, barite, and fluorite orebodies known throughout the region (including Oklahoma) as Mississippi-Valley-Type deposits.
The presence of non-bioturbated diatomaceous sediments in subunit C indicates a low sedimentation rate in a basinal setting.
In Hakkari and parts of Siirt and Diyarbakir, the Midyat is equated with the generally younger Asmari of south-western Iran and northern Iraq, displaying changes in regional facies and grading into more basinal sediments to the north and the west.
Earlier studies had said that Pakistan contained a large basinal area with discovered/proven gas reserves of 30 trillion cubic feet.
Members of the Cambrian fauna are ubiquitous across the shelf during the Cambrian Period but become progressively more restricted to outer shelf and basinal habitats during the Ordovician, when the Paleozoic fauna diversifies and becomes dominant in shelf environments (see Sepkoski 1991b, 1992).
In the rather thin (about 2-3 m thick) deep basinal post-Lamar/pre-Castile deposits along the Lamar Cuesta near the Texas Ranch Road 1108 so far only C.
Resedimented carbonates interbedded with basinal facies are described in Tethyan Middle Jurassic carbonate stratigraphy, as demonstrated by the Vajont limestone (Bosellini et al.
This shift in continental dispersal pathways coincides with a large transgression and a shift from temperate-style to tropical-style carbonate deposition throughout Laurentia, thought to be the result of global warming from the short-lived Boda Event (Fortey & Cocks 2005), or termination of cool-water upwelling due to basinal infilling (Holland & Patzkowsky 1996).