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A lizard popular in the US as a household pet, which has been linked to severe infections by unusual serotypes of Salmonella—S Wassenaar, S Rubislaw, S serotype IIIa41:z4z23:-S subspp arizonae, S Kintambo and others. Iguanas also bite, sometimes deep enough to require stitches
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The Basilisk uses the Razer 5G or PMW3389 optical sensor that performs well enough to play FPS games competitively.
While he has to kill the basilisk with a sword Idonius claims something far less dangerous can destroy it - "the scent of a weasel".
Interestingly, the inspiration for this innovation came from a personal space for Team Basilisk.
Tambien trabaja para Basilisk y Goldberg, Alerhand y Asociados, S.
Basilisk grass (signal grass) established in 1997, was subdivided into eight split-plots (experimental units), varying between 0.
There are also the magnificent art editions from the Kelmscott Press (1896), the Golden Cockerel Press (1927), the Shakespeare Head Press (1928) and the Basilisk Press (1975): all are here.
In the first article, 'The grass snake and the basilisk, from pre-Christian protective house god to the Antichrist', a lesser-known reptile wriggles onto the historical stage to assert its place in Clio's canon.
their Basilisk gaze--can you believe those guys were meant to be funny?
GLASGOW: Inverness Basilisk beat Aberdeen 3-2 in the inaugural of the 16th Scottish Soccer Tournament.
After such recondite, dry, and painstaking analyses, the mention of a dragon and a basilisk in a footnote on page 274 comes as something of a shock.