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Largely derogatory slang term for a woman who has had, or is perceived to have had, many sexual partners and who “sleeps around”.


vitreous residue after removal of metal in a smelting process.

basic slag
a by-product of the smelting industry, basic slag is used as a fertilizer. Animals pastured on recently heavily dressed fields may be affected by colic, diarrhea and posterior paresis. The specific cause of the poisoning is not known.
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Two of the slags were melter slag of different particle sizes (PAP5 0-5 mm and APIOB 0-10 mm), while the third slag was basic slag (KOBM) with Ca as free lime (CaO).
Unlike ACIPCO, who perfected the basic slag cupola, Clow, according to Kirgin, was the first company to continually externally desulfurize ductile iron to prepare it for Mg treatment, which is the predominant method used for cupola-melted iron today.
Pure Mg treatment produces a basic slag, and thus cleaner treated iron.
Basic slag practice to achieve a low-sulfur (S), high-carbon (C) base metal was impractical, since we had to melt GI out of the same unit.