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Through this support, families will be able to get necessary access to basic health services and clean and safe water, said Jennie Barugh, Head of British development agency DFID in Uganda.
JRS also provides meals, secures transportation for students and provides basic health services.
The Vice President of the organization said, that his organization is specially focusing in and around Islamabad by providing quality education, basic health services and vocational training.
According to the Delhi government,these hospitals have no bed capacity and were just providing basic health services on their premises.
Residents say that serums are sold for 100 pound each and sometimes are completely non-existent in the remote region which lacks the most basic health services.
dollars) to help Afghans improve their basic health services, said an official statement.
For her part, Hoff expressed the WHO readiness to cover the needs of the health sector in Syria and provide the technical support for upgrading it as well as going ahead in providing basic health services to citizens in all areas around the country.
42 for Education and Rs 30 billion for water projects which showed that the government was much serious to resolve energy crisis, promotion of education and providing basic health services to people.
Illiteracy, lack of awareness, scattered population, little access to hospitals, non-availability of basic health services and unhygienic environment are the key factors behind the spread of the disease that needs mass awareness about the disease," he said.
5 million refugee influx into Lebanon has resulted in heavy strain on the Lebanese health care infrastructure and has excluded massive numbers of refugees from access to basic health services.
However, when asked if India was prepared to deal with an outbreak of the disease, given the fact that it is the world's second largest populated country, the official said, "Ebola could wreak havoc if it reaches India because of poor public hygiene and the lack of basic health services in many areas.
It contributes in developing hospitals in the eastern region, strengthening basic health services and reinforcing their proximity to citizens who no longer need to travel to Fez or Rabat for complicated surgeries or pathologies.