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This service provides basic benefits package and non-package services that address the following points:
Within the basic benefits package, insurers will not have much option on flexibility as the product, is tied with a fixed index rate and [with] a very low flexibility margin for the pricing," said Gulam Mohammad Teli, chief of health and life at AXA Insurance's operations here.
The individual tax exclusion for health insurance coverage should be limited to the value of the basic benefits package not only for employer provided insurance but also for individuals who purchase their own coverage.
1) The government, to be sure, sets the framework for the competition: it controls the cost and content of the basic benefits package, enforces the mandate that everyone have insurance, and funnels significant resources to help people obtain it.
The board would be active contractor with health plans, defining and periodically modifying the basic benefits package, informing Americans about their health care options, reimbursing health plans, and undertaking data collection and research related to patient satisfaction, quality of care, and risk and geographic adjustments for payments.
Special Missions: VA offers comprehensive mental health services, including programs for substance abuse and the chronically mentally ill, as part of its basic benefits package.
All employers would be required to pay 80% of worker insurance premiums for a Federally set basic benefits package.
We also see growing support for FEI's principle that the cost of the basic benefits package should be financed by cost savings.
All AHPs would offer the basic benefits package and meet at least the minimum requirements set by NHB.
All health care plans would be required to offer a basic benefits package, with individuals having the opportunity to purchase benefits beyond this standard package.
establishment of a basic benefits package for all, allowing individuals to purchase additional coverage with after-tax dollars;
To oversee the system, a federal health board would be created that would define the basic benefits package, set reimbursement rates for providers and offer guidelines for regional boards, which would be responsible for administering specific geographic areas.
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