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Mitchio Okumura, associate professor of chemical physics at Caltech and the Caltech director of BASER research, and his research team.
The lawsuit attorney Stoller refers to in his May 25th release is clearly a nuisance lawsuit since the terms of the license agreement with ATG on the baser are clearly governed by compulsory arbitration provisions dictated by the agreement itself.
by Khwaja Baser on 16 July, 2014 - 09:38 KABUL (Pajhwok): Two rockets were fired at Kabul International Airport on Wednesday morning, which landed close to the facility but caused no casualties or damages, officials said.
Zahid Maqbool and Baser Daud former Presidents ICCI, Abdul Cheema Secretary General Traders Welfare Association I-8 Markaz, Tauseef Zaman, Khalid Mian, Sheikh Shaukat and many other business leaders also spoke on the occasion and stressed for the need of developing further unity in business community for redress of their issues.
La strategie du groupe etait, selon le nouveau President du Conseil de Surveillance de se baser sur plusieurs gammes d'hotel, surtout en periode de crise.
On ne peut pas se baser sur le theme de la Terre promise pour justifier le retour des Juifs en IsraE1/2l et l'expatriation des Palestiniens", a dit le president grec-melkite de la commission pour le message du synode pour le Moyen-Orient lors d'une conference de presse.
I then hope to re-establish contact with regimental HQ in its heavily fortified Newcastle bunker and lay down lines of communication for what some people of the baser sort are referring to as "Wully's French Letter".
Not a charity fundraiser but a blatant exploitation of our baser instincts and shameless hijacking of our fine r ones
From a man's perspective it's a celebration of the beauty of a woman without encouraging the baser instincts of the male mind,' Copeland says.
Women will surely appreciate the baser pleasures of Hugh Jackman's title hero going shirtless as much as men will marvel at the way his partner in creature-capping, Kate Beckinsale's Anna Valerious, can run, jump and otherwise jiggle in an hourglassing corset of fiendish severity.
He looked like a rag doll in the tiger's mouth,' said Kirk Baser, from Pennsylvania.
But the reality is that Bernard has got rich by feeding the baser instincts of society who think racism is funny.