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Second, I describe why spending in the baseline should grow in nominal terms, despite calls (especially from conservatives) for a nominal freeze.
Consequently, the baseline in the DSS-SAR system usually is consisted of both across-track baseline and along-track baseline.
However, if energy recovery ventilation is included in the proposed design with a system over 2400 1/s (5,000 cfm) and 70% outside air or more, it must be included in the baseline as well, unless there are fume hoods meeting the fume hood requirements.
As a result, calculating the baseline and incremental levels is critical to comprehensive category planning and promotion evaluation.
Finally, a baseline aids decision making by providing a documented, known, and understood starting point and context for analysis.
The fact that low baseline levels of 25-OHD did not enhance treatment effects in this study "may be explained by the rather high mean baseline 25-OHD levels observed in our study participants, which is likely owing to vitamin D fortification in dairy products and activity level of our healthy and relatively young community-dwelling older participants," the investigators noted.
Only 8% of the case-managed LTS students from Year 1 who reenrolled were long-term suspended again during Year 2 of the EAS program, compared to a recidivism rate of 26% in the baseline year.
One of the key elements of spiral development for Tier II is that as technology matures, it should be inserted in the baseline system or matured for future spirals (see Figure 2).
The BaseLine 11 is the fourth size in the BaseLine Series of sanitary plate heat exchangers.
The PoE support simplifies the installation of wireless access points and connects each access point to the Baseline Switch 2226-PWR for power and data.
Optimization analyses were used to determine the structures with the greatest mass savings at given performance levels (measured in terms of bending and torsional stiffness, modal response, and peak stress), create a two-dimensional feasibility study that compared loads against the outline of the baseline frame, and define the package space.
Mean heart rate was 153 bpm on day two, as opposed to 134 at baseline.