base period

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base pe·ri·od

(bās pēr'ē-ŏd)
12-month time duration divided into quarters.
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These extremely hot summers have affected an estimated 10 percent of global land area in recent years, compared with less than 1 percent of the Earth's surface during the base period.
com Sites experienced the largest growth on the base period with a 62-percent gain, closely followed by the Home retail group, owner of Argos and Homebase (up 61 percent) and Tesco Stores (up 50 percent).
If a taxpayer wants larger credits, it win have to settle for an estimated base period.
To be eligible for Federal-State Extended Benefits, an individual must have either total base period wages of 1-1/2 times the wages earned in the highest quarter of the base period, or total wages of 40 times the individual's recent weekly benefit amount.
DI was the incumbent on this task order, which was awarded May 10th with a one-year base period and two, one-year options for a total value of $2.
searches grew 64 percent versus the base period to nearly 2 million searches in the final week of November.
Overview of General Principles Concerning Base Period and Ceiling Amounts
1 million, which includes the value of a three-year base period and two one-year options.
Unemployment Insurance (SB 40): Increases UI benefits, expands eligibility to workers who are only available part-time, keeps WARN Act payments from affecting UI eligibility, and changes base period calculation.
The formula for computing benefits in amounts below the maximum weekly benefit amount changed from 1/52 of the two highest-earnings quarters in the individual's base period to 1/26 of high-quarter wages paid in the base period.
The contract has a 2-year base period and allows for an additional 3-year option period.
As an example, he asked whether it made a difference if the target paid dividends during the base period, but paid no dividends in the taxable year elected by the new parent as the year for the exclusion.