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I set out on a riding excursion, for the purpose of geologizing the basal parts of the Andes, which alone at this time of the year are not shut up by the winter snow.
4]; radial fork in distal half of the wing, medial fork in basal half; basal part of [M.
The basal part is often sandy due to a re-working of the Kohlan.
This sclerite was identifiable as a distal apophysis because of its position on the apical part of the tegulum and because of its dual connection through flexible membranes with the apical part of tegulum and the basal part of embolus.
The surface of the basal part has folds alternated with grooves (Fig.
2) The sulphide showings occurring within the basal part of the intrusion at Wendy Bay and Topaz Point.
Basiphallus elongate and tapered posteriorly, extending well beyond base of distiphallus; postgonites equal, small and finely spinulose ventrally; distiphallus with tubular basal part bifurcating before transition into strongly dextrally recurved membranous distal part, apex with a finely spinulose glans (Fig.
1) with inner side almost rectilinear, basal part slightly longer than distal part (8:7), with one row of approximately 15 lamellae; distal apex with deep furrow evident in ventral view (this furrow contains the distal apex of the enlarged claw when the chela is closed) and about 5 lamellae.
At least anterior part of lateral margin of paranota with small spinules; usually entire lateral margins of paranota and basal part of costal margin of hemelytra with fringe of small spinules Corythucha Stal
Two zones totaling 74 feet in the basal part of the Ordovician St.
The Joe and Gord properties, consisting of 119 contiguous claims staked along the northeast shoreline of the Kiglapait peninsula, approximately 65 kms north of Nain, Labrador, cover a part of the basal part of the Middle Proterozoic Kiglapait Ingenous Complex (KIC).