barium hydroxide

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bar·i·um hy·drox·ide

a caustic compound combined with calcium hydroxide in a carbon dioxide absorbent; used in anesthetic circuits.
See also: absorbent (3).
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Alan's initial response to the first two doses of Baryta sulphuricum was promising.
It is a 315gsm fiber-base baryta paper created for printing with digital laser printers, and is compatible with systems such as the Durst Lambda and Oce Lightjet.
Other salts, mostly iodides, that have successfully treated thyroid conditions include Arsenicum iodatum (arsenic iodide), Aurum iodatum (gold iodide), Baryta iodatum (barium iodide), Calcarea iodatum (calcium iodide), Ferrum iodatum (iron iodide), lodum (iodine), Kali iodatum (potassium iodide), Lithium iodatum (lithium Iodide), Magnesium iodatum (magnesium iodide), Mercurius iodatum flavus and ruber (two mercury iodides), Natrum iodatum (sodium iodide), and Natrum muriaticum (sodium chloride).
Luden expects the same reaction for the new HARMAN Photo Inkjet Paper Range, with a baryta layer, launched last fall at photokina 2006 in Cologne, Germany.
The always-inventive Chris Ewers, Director of IC LAB chose a Baryta paper for the massive figurative prints.