barriers for patients

bar·ri·ers for pa·tients

(bar'ē-ĕrz pā'shĕnts)
Protective measures for patients during treatment (e.g., protective eyewear, head-covers during surgery, rubber dams during dental restorative and sealant procedures).
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Increasingly high cost sharing and restrictions on access are creating barriers for patients.
Additional barriers for patients of DV are lack of trust in the system as well as a lack of available resources to aid DV victims.
Pain emerged as one of the major barriers for patients.
With the first and only non-invasive radiosurgical means to precisely target and treat tumours, Accuray is breaking down barriers for patients who may not otherwise be able to receive treatment.
DaVita Rx helps remove barriers for patients to get the medications they need by providing flexible payment options, no-cost delivery, refill reminders, reviews for possible drug interactions, as well as help with health plan paperwork and prior authorizations.
It is imperative for pharmacists to play a central role in removing barriers for patients who seek Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for drug addiction to have the best chance of obtaining a positive outcome.
The ACT group are meeting today to hold their inaugural meeting in central London, marking the commencement of their campaign to remove barriers for patients associated with assisted conception.
Latino Program Enhances Access to Care and Removes Financial and Language Barriers for Patients, Physicians and Payors
Burton said these challenges are unnecessary barriers for patients.
As part of its goal to remove barriers for patients to access the medications they need, DaVita Rx delivers at no charge to patients' homes or their dialysis centers.
As President, Stewart will help both PAF and NPAF build upon their exponential growth and progress in solving health care access barriers for patients and advocating at the state and national levels to ensure that the patient voice is represented.
Fear of pain and risk from the procedure are two of the biggest barriers for patients who need to have a colonoscopy.