barriers for patients

bar·ri·ers for pa·tients

(bar'ē-ĕrz pā'shĕnts)
Protective measures for patients during treatment (e.g., protective eyewear, head-covers during surgery, rubber dams during dental restorative and sealant procedures).
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The work entails access issues such as prior authorizations as well as appeals and efforts with health care foundations to overcome financial barriers for patients.
Health care providers must understand the importance of identifying and assessing health literacy barriers for patients so successful, individualized, evidence-based interventions may be developed and utilized in educating older adults and their caregivers on use of PHRs in quality health management.
As a psychiatry resident, I believe training in this field is one way to decrease barriers for patients to access end-of-life care.
Additional barriers for patients of DV are lack of trust in the system as well as a lack of available resources to aid DV victims.
Pain emerged as one of the major barriers for patients.
It is proposed that in the future, a position be created to address financial barriers for patients with CKD.
In a separate poster at the meeting, cost and side effects were identified as barriers for patients considering teriparatide.
The work entails support to remove access issues such as prior authorizations, appeals and efforts with foundations to overcome financial barriers for patients.
Nevertheless, moving all of these hydrocodone products to Schedule II will result in significant barriers for patients who have a legitimate need for these products, and it will result in adding to the nation's health care costs with no assurance of a reduction in diversion and abuse.