barrier cream

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barrier cream

A topical compound for limiting or preventing contact with irritants such as allergens, parasites, or toxins.


an obstruction; a partition between two fluid compartments in the body.

blood-air barrier
alveolocapillary membrane.
blood-aqueous barrier
the physiological mechanism that prevents exchange of materials between the chambers of the eye and the blood.
blood-brain barrier (BBB)
the barrier separating the blood from the brain parenchyma. See also blood-brain barrier.
blood-CSF barrier
differs from the blood-brain barrier anatomically, in that it consists of the epithelium of the choroid plexuses, but has similar permeabilities.
blood-gas barrier
alveolocapillary membrane.
barrier-retina barrier
endothelium of the retinal capillaries and cells of the retinal pigment epithelium form a nonfenestrated barrier between choroidal tissue fluid and retinal tissue fluid.
blood-synovial barrier
suggested by the presence of plasma proteins of small molecular size and catabolic products of articular cartilage in synovial fluid.
blood-testis barrier
a barrier separating the blood from the seminiferous tubules, consisting of special junctional complexes between adjacent Sertoli cells near the base of the seminiferous epithelium. It provides an extravascular environment which is also adluminal and permits selective nourishment of spermatozoa.
barrier boot
a rubber boot worn by horses to protect the hoof against trauma.
barrier cream
a nonwettable cream used on the skin of the hands and arms to protect against staining and odor absorption when handling offensive materials, e.g. delivery of an emphysematous fetus.
gastric mucosal barrier
the poorly defined mechanism that prevents back diffusion of hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the tissues of the stomach wall.
skin barrier
the protective properties of skin and its relative impenetrability by noxious substances as well as medicaments; usually considered a function of keratinized epithelial cells aided by surface lipids.
barrier teat dip
material which leaves a physical protective coat on the teat between milkings, used mostly to protect against infection for long periods, e.g. during the dry period. Most contain acrylic, latex or collodion.
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Daily use of this excellent barrier cream can prove to be a useful tool in the unpleasant situation of chronic, severe dry skin and eczema.
You could also try applying a barrier cream between your skin and make-up.
Barrier cream was applied to fingernails and toe nails, hands and dry areas.
Moisture barrier cream to buttocks after each brief change.
Extra dry patches on hands, knees elbows and feet may be covered with a barrier cream.
Obeying the order Now Wash Your Hands, he had the choice of four separate dispensers labelled thus: natural hand scrub with cream, lotion soap, barrier cream, and skin conditioner.
Wear rubber gloves for any job that involves submerging your hands in water, and a good barrier cream is essential at all times.
The study, which is expected to commence in July of this year and take place at private dermatology offices located in Santa Rosa, California and Trenton, New Jersey, will compare the use of EpiCeram(R), a non-steroidal skin barrier cream that received FDA marketing clearance in April 2006, to Cutivate(R), a commonly used mid-strength topical steroid that is approved for use in infants and children.
uk, 029 2022 5689 "I pointed out naturally dry areas of skin, which are a source of fear for every fake tanner, and I was instructed by my therapist Jermaine to rub on barrier cream to ensure an even golden glow.
If you find yourself rushing out with children and leaving your make- up till later, try to use a barrier cream to protect the face from the elements.
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