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barn (b),

A unit of area for effective cross-section of atomic nuclei with respect to atomic projectiles; equal to 10-24 cm2.
[fr. "big as the side of a barn" by humorous comparison with much smaller areas]
A unit of area—10–24 cm2—for the effective cross-section of atomic nuclei; barns indicate the cross-sectional area in which atomic, nuclear, and particle interactions occur


Bilateral acute retinal necrosis Ophthalmology A condition characterized by herpes virus-induced anterior and posterior uveitis, papillitis with retinal detachment 1-3 months after onset, of which only 50% are bilateral. See Herpes.


a building usually intended to house animals for long periods during the winter season. Marked by an infinite variety of designs and internal fittings, they usually contain a feed storage area, often as a haymow or loft in a top storey, and animal stalls and handling facilities such as a milking parlor on the ground floor.

free stall barn
cattle are free to enter unoccupied stalls.
barn itch
barn rat
a horse that shows eagerness or determination to return to the stable. See also agoraphobia.
barn sheet
a sketchy method of recording events, especially reproductive ones, in the lives of the inmates of the barn. Fixed to the barn wall it does provide an opportunity to record events as they happen, but suffers the obvious disadvantage of exposure to disfiguring and obscuring materials, especially fly droppings and cow manure. Its design, aimed at encouraging maximum data storage in minimal space, is a test for farmer ingenuity. Called also shed sheet.
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