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muntjac, muntjak

Asian rib-faced deer with slit-like scent gland openings on the face and two-tined antlers. Called also Muntiacus muntjak.
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The food at The Barking Deer was a hit-and-miss affair, but the portions were generous and we stepped out feeling tipsy and well-fed.
A successful hunt for barking deer also obtained meat that was prepared in various styles, including cooked, raw, and fermented, and was distributed to villagers during April and May.
Univariate analysis of 3 suspected food items in an outbreak of trichinellosis, Uthai Thani Province, Thailand, May-June 2006 * Case-patients (n = 24) Meat ingested Exposed Not exposed Wild boar 18 6 Domestic pig 5 19 Barking deer ([dagger]) 19 5 Controls (n = 46) Meat ingested Exposed Not exposed Wild boar 11 35 Domestic pig 5 41 Barking deer ([dagger]) 31 15 Meat ingested OR (95% CI) Wild boar 9.
The silence I listened to at Jilling was like that resonant arc, a supple filament that strung together the ratcheting feathers of a partridge in flight, the sharp call of a barking deer, the leafy conversation of trees, the bubbles of air exploding in the bottle of soda on the table.
For about two minutes the python did not move because the head of barking deer was stuck in its jaws.
in Fauna at Loktak: A refuge for thousands of migratory birds, the area is also said to be the habitat to many animals such as the sambar and barking deer.
The wildlife includes the fourhorned antelope, spotted deer, barking deer, wild boar and the golden gecko -- a rare lizard.
Nainital Zoo is providing a habitat to snow leopard, Siberian tiger, Himalyan black bear, hill fox, Plam civet cat, ghoral, silver pheasants, barking deer, sambhar deer, owl, eagle, Rose ringed Prakeet and many more.
This is where you can find the tiger, clouded leopard, gaur, barking deer, sambar and several species of monkey.