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According to the researchers, since quills do not shoot through the air, they must penetrate tissue very easily and thus have evolved a specialized mechanism to achieve this that depends on the backwards-facing barbs.
It was during the manual-tightening phase of the repair that the barbs were felt by the surgeons, though without any obvious signs of bleeding or glove tearing.
recently developed an instrument for stripping a feather's quill of its fibrous barbs.
Chopped quill and barb parts have a similar weight and density but very different shapes: chopped quills are more globular than the flatter chopped barbs.
It has been suggested rather that the injuries are a side effect of other benefits the males reap from the barbs.
In addition, the movement of the legs causes the barbs to anchor more securely in bone.
The point was to give the guys a showcase for their talents - Groucho's rapid-fire, breathtaking wordplay and double-entendres, folded into scabrous barbs that left all around him utterly bewildered; Chico's Italian mug impersonation and piano solos; and Harpo's mime work and harp solos.
When she altered the feathers so the lice that were a bit too plump to fit between the barbs, she found that the lice kept their grip.
While this barb design may cut the likelihood of a leak, it also means that Value faces mold-design difficulties and sacrifices cavitation: A barbed fitting with a parting line on its conical section would typically run in an eight-cavity tool with four slides, while Value's design runs in a four-cavity tool that has a more complex arrangement of slides and inserts.
But Kaufman's satirical barbs aren't lost in laughs.
Unlike feathers on modern birds, they weren't differentiated into individual barbs that extended from a central shaft.