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1. A sharp point projecting in reverse direction to the main point of a weapon or tool, as on an arrow or fishhook.
2. Zoology A small, sharp point projecting in reverse direction from the tip, as on a porcupine quill or a bee sting.
3. Zoology One of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather.
4. Botany A short, sharp, reflexed bristle or hairlike projection.
5. See barbel1.


a combining form used to indicate derivatives of barbituric acid.


1. originally a distinct line of black Australian kelpies, but now the term is generally applied to any black kelpie.
2. a riding horse of great antiquity native to North Africa; bay, brown, chestnut, black, gray and 14 to 15 hands high. The foundation of the andalusian breed.
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Whether the pike you seek are gaints at a fly-in or drive-to water, or just those decent fish on waters closer to home, you can use single barbless hooks to produce fish as well as most other presentations.
Some angling competition matches did have a rule that after a limit was reached, all flies used had to be barbless.
There still may be times when barbless fishing has positive results.
Barbless hooks must be used and the only baits permitted are worm, maggot and PowerBait - there is no spinning allowed.
The 30lb catfish came from Stuarts Lake and fell to the rod of Daniel Rhodes, who was fishing a 15mm Spicy Tuna boilie on a size 10 barbless hook and 12lb line.
There are toilet facilities and some sensible rules regarding litter, but keep nets are not allowed and micro-barb or barbless hooks must be used.
All hooks should be barbless and single or double hooks should be used instead of treble hooks.
It was beat on a 3lb test curve Ron Thompson rod, 28lb Drennan Soft Strand wire and size 6 semi barbless trebles.
He also uses barbless hooks, so the fishes' mouths are not hurt.
15, minimum size is 18 inches with a two-trout limit, and only artificial flies and lures with barbless hooks may be used.
The RSPCA is now calling for fishermen to limit the hazards by following codes which recommend measures such as using barbless hooks and never leaving rods unattended.