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1. A sharp point projecting in reverse direction to the main point of a weapon or tool, as on an arrow or fishhook.
2. Zoology A small, sharp point projecting in reverse direction from the tip, as on a porcupine quill or a bee sting.
3. Zoology One of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather.
4. Botany A short, sharp, reflexed bristle or hairlike projection.
5. See barbel1.


a combining form used to indicate derivatives of barbituric acid.


1. originally a distinct line of black Australian kelpies, but now the term is generally applied to any black kelpie.
2. a riding horse of great antiquity native to North Africa; bay, brown, chestnut, black, gray and 14 to 15 hands high. The foundation of the andalusian breed.
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Anglers who fish this section ar restricted to artificial flies and lures (with barbless hooks), and, while the daily keeper limit is small--one trout, 20-inch minimum--you can catch all the fish you want as long as they're released back into the river unharmed.
Competitors followed international sport fly fishing rules, which require catch-and-release fishing using barbless hooks.
One angler was adamant that after catching a limit, the fishery should have a rule that all anglers must use barbless hooks to make releasing the fish easier.
This Sporting Ticket costs a very competitive PS15 for the day, but anglers must use barbless flies.
Perhaps, too, anglers should also be encouraged to fish barbless hooks to minimise injury.
How to give fish the best chance of survival ANGLERS should use barbless single hooks, play the fish quickly and keep it in the water at all times.
A barbless hook makes releasing sharks and catfish a lot easier.
This is a strictly barbless fishery and rod licences are not required.
The 30lb catfish came from Stuarts Lake and fell to the rod of Daniel Rhodes, who was fishing a 15mm Spicy Tuna boilie on a size 10 barbless hook and 12lb line.
After experimenting with different methods such as baskets, bent wires and barbless fish hooks, Callaway found that either the fish was swimming away before reaching the appropriate depth or it was being injured in the process.
Over the six hours fishing, competitors kept the first four fish then switched to barbless flies to continue fishing catch and release with every trout hooked recorded for the final total.
It was beat on a 3lb test curve Ron Thompson rod, 28lb Drennan Soft Strand wire and size 6 semi barbless trebles.