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Barbiturates have the potential to be abused as they produce CNS depressant effects similar to alcohol intoxication.
Barbiturates inhibit respiration due to the direct effects on bulbar respiratory centres.
Despite being able to cope with LSD, the hippies encounter with methamphetamine and barbiturates proved disastrous.
They also state that mitigating measures, like the barbiturates Harrison took to control his epilepsy, cannot be used in determining whether a disability qualifies under the law.
Mt Cutkelvin Rees said of his partner's death: "He was handed the barbiturate by carers in a shot glass.
His pounds 35 "suicide kit" is designed to test the strength of barbiturates like the so-called euthansia drug Nembutal.
In the sentencing hearing yesterday, Justice Roderick Howie said while Justins believed she was doing what Wylie wanted, she had misled people and was part of a "criminal enterprise" with a family friend who bought the barbiturate in Mexico.
He was treating Marilyn for emotional problems and getting her off the use of barbiturates.
However, they will be prohibited from prescribing narcotics and controlled drugs such as barbiturates and anabolic steroids.
Although triptans are now by far the most widely recommended medications for acute migraine treatment, barbiturates, opioids, and nonspecific sedative drugs are still widely used and are causing problems for headache patients.