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Glenn, 20th-century U.S. orthopedic surgeon. See: Blount-Barber disease.
A professional who cuts (usually male) hair and shaves or trims facial hair
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Never mind my stories for the present," replied the barber, "but will your Highness graciously be pleased to explain why this Jew, this Christian, and this Mussulman, as well as this dead body, are all here?
asked the Sultan with a smile; but seeing that the barber had some reasons for his question, he commanded that the tale of the hunch-back should be told him.
The Sultan and all those who saw this operation did not know which to admire most, the constitution of the hunchback who had apparently been dead for a whole night and most of one day, or the skill of the barber, whom everyone now began to look upon as a great man.
Now,' says he, `I'll barber you up, but if you say one word to me about the Grits getting in while I'm doing it I'll cut your throat with this razor,' says he.
Stepan Arkadyevitch could not answer, as the barber was at work on his upper lip, and he raised one finger.
Vigne, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and one of the youngest licensed African American barbers since 1993, launches GoFundMe campaign to help fund "Cold Cutters" Barber College.
Sean Sweeney, of Sweeney's barbershop in Castle Drive, beat off fierce competition from a number of other talented barbers and will now go head to head with 14 other wet shaving professionals in a bid to claim the coveted regional Wales title of Best Wet Shaving Barber.
Harriet said: "My boyfriend wanted a hair cut and having heard about the new barbers, decided to give it a go.
Currently it is a barber shop,more barbers can be added either as chair rentals or commission.
ISLAMABAD -- ,,, The use of unsterilized equipment by roadside barbers in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad is a main source of spreading communicable diseases, including Hepatitis B and C, among people.
AP) -- Some barbers worry that a new state law consolidating the licensing board for their profession with that of cosmetologists will clip their business.
Barbers use old and dirty tools for cutting hair and the condition of the scissors, manual clippers, straight razors and brushes are really deplorable which they use for years but do not bother to change them after a certain time which is necessary for keeping the bacteria and germs from spreading.