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1. A sharp point projecting in reverse direction to the main point of a weapon or tool, as on an arrow or fishhook.
2. Zoology A small, sharp point projecting in reverse direction from the tip, as on a porcupine quill or a bee sting.
3. Zoology One of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather.
4. Botany A short, sharp, reflexed bristle or hairlike projection.
5. See barbel1.


a combining form used to indicate derivatives of barbituric acid.


1. originally a distinct line of black Australian kelpies, but now the term is generally applied to any black kelpie.
2. a riding horse of great antiquity native to North Africa; bay, brown, chestnut, black, gray and 14 to 15 hands high. The foundation of the andalusian breed.
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Barb is also an accomplished writer and lyricist for the theatre - and her credits include the Birmingham Stage Company's Jungle Book
Barb has won awards for her efforts including the Merseyside Women Making A Difference award and the Wirral Award 2006.
In the event of a large bladder neck, where the last 2 cm of the V-Loc suture was required (no barbs along this segment), Lapra-Ty clips would help secure tension.
Barb Swehla and Robert Allen will provide a presentation at the Montana Hospital Association's Annual Convention in Billings, September 2010
In this sense, the casting call for the Barb Wire videos--ads were placed on Craigslist and in trade publications such as Back Stage--marked a rather significant shift toward mainstream Hollywood preproduction.
Barb was passionate about helping people and excelled in all her roles at the Bundarra Community Centre, which included palliative care, wound management and anything else the community wanted or needed.
A stingray's strongly serrated barb can grow up to 20cm long and is capable of tearing and rendering flesh.
Barb finds herself moved by how eager Lydia is for this Life.
Hard-Line tees feature a barb designed for use with harder durometer tubing such as polyethylene 55 Shore D and polypropropylene 80 durometer.
Oceanographers watching the live video nicknamed the animals "Zappa fish" because of what seemed to be a long, beardlike barb coming off their chin.
This 'new look' will ensure CFDCs are easily identified no matter where they are located in the province," says Barb Fisher, Past-President of the OACFDC.