baquet (b·ketˑ),

n a wooden container filled with water, glass, and magnetized iron filings and iron rods protruding from it, which was used in group animal magnetism treatments. Patients simultaneously touch the rods to facilitate the flow of a healing magnetic energy among them. See also animal magnetism.
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Signatories include Dean Baquet, executive editor of The New York Times; Michele Leridon, global news director of AFP; Shane Smith, founder of VICE Media; Mario Calabresi, editor-in-chief of La Stampa; Wolfgang Krach, joint editor-in-chief of SE-ddeutsche Zeitung; David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker; Zaffar Abbas, editor of Dawn; and Martin Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post.
The challenge, framed in a staff note and a 12-page strategy memo, came from the Times' Chief Executive Mark Thompson and its Executive Editor Dean Baquet.
Executive director Dean Baquet should be applauded, as in the aftermath of Paris shooting, he called Marc Cooper, an associate professor at USC, "an idiot" on Facebook for his criticism of New York Times not publishing cartoons of the Prophet.
Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times will deliver the keynote address.
Instead of apologizing, Times's executive editor Dean Baquet doubled down with hyperbole about Bosman reporting "brilliantly" and "heroically.
To the current executive editor, Dean Baquet, and the current national editor, Alison Mitchell, we say: Thanks for keeping us around for as long as you could.
Perhaps even worse, the diversity of the corps of editors is in question since the Times' executive editor, Dean Baquet, is the only person of color on the news-side masthead.
Washington, May 31 ( ANI ): The New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet has revealed that there were times when he got so frustrated with his higher-ups, incluidng Jill Abramson, that he punched holes in the newsroom walls.
Last week, the New York Times again made headlines, with the sacking of executive editor Jill Abramson and her immediate replacement by Dean Baquet, which made him the first African-American to lead the publication.
The frenzy surrounding the story has been anything but quiet since Sulzberger replaced Abramson with her deputy, Dean Baquet, stunning the Times newsroom and close followers of the paper when it was announced last Wednesday.
Meme si la saison 2013 vient de debuter, des rumeurs concernant le second baquet Red Bull courent deja.
head, the Saudi Arabian drone base "was central to the story," Baquet said.