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Sir Frederick Grant (1891–1941). Canadian scientist. Born in Allison, Ontario, and educated at the University of Toronto, Banting undertook research on the internal secretion of the pancreas, and in 1921, with Charles Herbert Best, he discovered insulin. Banting and J. J. R. Macleod shared the Nobel prize for medicine in 1923. The Banting Research Foundation was established in 1924, and the Banting Institute was opened in Toronto in 1930. Banting was knighted in 1934.

Banting, Sir Frederick G.

Etymology: Canadian physician, 1891-1941
co-winner, with John J. Macleod, of the 1923 Nobel prize for medicine and physiology for their research, with the Canadian physiologist Charles H. Best, showing the link between the pancreas and insulin in the control of diabetes. See also Macleod, John J.


An ad hoc term coined after William Banting, a Briton who in 1861, at the age of 65, was placed on a diet of lean meat, toast and vegetables by his surgeon; within 2 years he had lost 50 pounds. He then wrote the popular Letter on Corpulence, which advocated consumption of vegetables and loss of weight, at a time when vegetables were not a dietary staple, meat was the centrepiece of a proper meal and obesity was not considered a disease, but rather a mark of social status.
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Keith Banting and I adopted the "fading" metaphor to capture trends in income redistribution.
Frederick Grant Banting (1891-1941) was a young physician (surgeon) with a private practice in London, Ontario.
In the introduction to the Letter, Banting confesses how his body weight had impaired him physically the no longer could tie his shoes and needed to walk down stairs backwards), and he describes the growing social harassment and ridicule directed towards people classified as overweight.
Those issues led Banting to discover research by Altenhof, who had worked with Ford Motor Company in resolving a fatigue crack issue with high-performance aluminium and magnesium road wheels.
Banting FG, Best CH, Collip JB, Campbell WR, Fletcher AA.
At the Teluk Datok Magistrate Court in Banting district of Selangor state, an interpreter read the charge in Japanese to Mariko Takeuchi, who stood solemn with her head bowed in the dock.
The walkathon in Dubai was one of numerous activities organised across 160 countries worldwide to mark the birthday of Fredrick Banting, who is credited with the discovery of insulin.
Mike Cooney, Gemma Middleton, Kasmin Cooney and Chris Banting.
For general readers, Woodward, a businessperson and writer interested in science, describes the work of 10 scientists from around the world who have saved the most lives in the twentieth century, some of whom are still living: ophthalmologist Al Sommer, who discovered the importance of Vitamin A supplements; Akira Endo, who discovered statin drugs to lower cholesterol; Bill Foege, who helped eradicate smallpox; David Nalin, who developed oral rehydration therapy; Norman Borlaug, who developed new strains of wheat; and John Enders, Paul Muller, Howard Florey, Frederick Banting, and Karl Landsteiner, who discovered the polio and measles vaccines, DDT, penicillin, insulin, and blood groups, respectively.
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My grandfather's sister, Margaret Grant, married William Thompson Banting.
Who pushes, and benefits most, from the ideas that, according to Banting, are the main focus of modern society?