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n the legal process by which a person, business, or corporation is declared to be insolvent and unable to pay creditors.
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Bankruptcy Balance also provides information for distressed homeowners, particularly those at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure.
based Northwest entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last September, on the same day as Delta.
Thus, the District Court concluded that only a debtor's beneficial interest in a mast may be excluded from the bankruptcy estate under Section 541(c)(2).
Under the prior Bankruptcy Code, the entire amount of the landlord's claim was entitled to administrative status when the debtor had initially assumed the lease but later rejected the lease.
CPAs who help clients handle the bankruptcy process are trusted advisers in more than name.
According to the CCH Bankruptcy Reform Act Briefing, the means test is designed to "force those debtors who have the ability to pay some of their debts into Chapter 13 as opposed to liquidating under Chapter 7 and wiping the slate clean.
The Bankruptcy Code, Title 11 of the United States Code, contains alternative paths for individual bankruptcy proceedings.
The cost of health care continues to rise, and proposed federal legislation could make filing for personal bankruptcy more difficult this spring.
Now, at the first hint an insured may the for bankruptcy, claims against it skyrocket as attorneys jockey for maximum leverage in negotiations.
Some experts say part of what's fueling the bankruptcy boom is more aggressive marketing to young people by credit-card companies.
At the founding of the Republic, Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists pressed for a new idea of bankruptcy as renewal, not a time for debtor's prison.