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n a basic storage unit in an accounting system. Individual accounts accept debit and credit entries that reflect the different types of transactions made by the practice.
account book,
n a book in which the financial transactions of a business or profession are entered. Such books may be admitted as evidence.
account, open,
n a straightforward arrangement between the dental provider and the patient for the handling of financial payments due the dental provider and owed by the patient.
account, payable,
n a dollar amount owed to creditors for items or services purchased from them.
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Packaged bank accounts, which on average charge PS150 a year, have been criticised because the suite of services they offer such as car, mobile phone and holiday insurance can often be bought more cheaply elsewhere.
He said: "Having no bank account makes it very difficult for people to manage their money - and far too many Scots are in this position.
Alex Bozman, prosecuting, told Kirklees Magistrates' Court: "He accepts he had two bank accounts, one of which he hadn't registered with police.
I spoke to them and they told me that they needed BD50,000 to be deposited into the woman's company's bank account for a short period.
However, we strongly believe that the core bank account must evolve to maintain its relevance in the digital world.
The distinction is important because the needs of those who have a bank account are very different from those without one, and there is the opportunity to provide banking and other financial services to those without a bank account, according to Bokun.
A spokeswoman said a "watching brief" is in place on the situation but payments into Cypriot bank accounts will not resume when banks on the island reopen - currently planned for Thursday.
Even if these residents have enough money to open a bank account, traveling to a bank to deposit or withdraw money may not be practical.
The man deposited money into the bank account, having obtained the funds through a personal bank loan and the sale of his wife's gold jewelry.
Police on Friday arrested a 53-year-old man in central Japan's Aichi Prefecture who opened a bank account to which money was transferred illegally from the account of a Sumitomo Mitsui online banking customer in a phishing scam.
This leaves just one bank, Barclays, offering a bank account to those struggling to exist financially.
Only one respondent reported that he had been refused a bank account by the bank because of a failure to submit documents.