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A supporting point or surface.


1. the female genital tract.
2. a piece of harness.

lose the bearing
uterine prolapse.
bearing retainer
device for retaining a replaced uterine or vaginal prolapse.
bearing trouble
see vaginal prolapse.
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In the third part, results are presented for the analysis of experimental data of a ball bearing with an outer race defect and these are compared with the response of the model.
UBC's self-aligning ball bearings undergo highly-advanced manufacturing processes that enable it to consistently maintain precise contour raceway measurement.
Three juveniles were arrested in possession of a pistol-type ball bearing gun.
The thought that many children might have walked away armed with a ball bearing gun that could have injured or maimed a child later terrifies me.
It is not illegal to own a ball bearing gun or even carry one in public, until it is fired.
PKB maintains the shortest factory lead time for domestic ball bearings with delivery of catalog bearings available in just 8 - 10 weeks.
The modern ball bearing was patented by a 19th century bicycle manufacturer, and from that point on, it became an integral part of machinery.
The pet's owners were walking along Birmingham Road with their Shih Tzu dog when it was hit by the ball bearing near Halfords.
THREE footballers face disciplinary action after being cautioned by police for taking pot shots at passers-by with a ball bearing gun from a car.
Det Insp Chris Pretty, who led the murder investigation, said: 'Mr Genesis was killed with a ball bearing fired from a modified gun.
Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB), an American owned and operated ball bearing manufacturer in Troy, NY announced today the expansion of its high precision aerospace ball bearing manufacturing unit.
On the other hand, when a cylindrical roller bearing is used, a structure absorbing thermal shaft expansion is unnecessary as the bearing itself can move axially but the high speed performance is inferior to the angular ball bearing.