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A supporting point or surface.


1. the female genital tract.
2. a piece of harness.

lose the bearing
uterine prolapse.
bearing retainer
device for retaining a replaced uterine or vaginal prolapse.
bearing trouble
see vaginal prolapse.
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If we go features of ball bearing 6205-2 bearing, its outer diameter is 52 and inner diameter is 25 mm.
Simon Dale, the council's head of direct services said: "Stockton Show is a growing and popular family event which has been run successfully by the council for around 25 years and we certainly would not condone the giving away of ball bearing guns as part of prizes.
Pacamor Kubar Bearings manufactures high performance DFARS compliant miniature and instrument ball bearings for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, and commercial industries.
PC Ian Cole, from Bromsgrove police, said: "Obviously it is unacceptable to fire ball bearings at a dog.
THE homes of Gerry Adams and other prominent Sinn Fein members were attacked with ball bearings on Wednesday night, the party claimed yesterday.
North Wales Police confirmed they received a call from the local education authority after an unloaded toy ball bearing gun was found in the boy's bag.
The ball bearing severed his spinal cord and left him paralysed from the waist down.
22 revolver, a ball bearing gun confiscated by a parent from her teenage son, and an assortment of air pistols.
Det Insp Chris Pretty, who led the murder investigation, said: 'Mr Genesis was killed with a ball bearing fired from a modified gun.
9ozs), including the shackle -- the highest strength for a weight ball bearing block on the market.