ball and socket joint

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ball and sock·et joint

a multiaxial synovial joint in which a more or less extensive sphere on the head of one bone fits into a rounded cavity in the other bone, as in the hip joint.

ball-and-socket joint

The most freely movable type of synovial joint, in which the ball-like end of one bone (e.g., the humerus, femur) is surrounded by a spherical cartilaginous encasement, or “socket” (e.g., hip joint), or a group of structures that act as a functionally spherical encasement (e.g., shoulder joint), which allows free mobility of the articulating bone.
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When it comes to twisting movements, the ball and socket joint is the king.
The joint, which lies directly in back and below the fingers, is a ball and socket joint, and the leg rotation originates from there.
DJO Surgical's FMP Acetabular System combines the Company's existing Cobalt-Chrome and ceramic femoral heads with a new wear-resistant, highly crosslinked polyethylene cup liner to form the hip ball and socket joint.