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baldy, baldy-faced

said of cattle to mean a white face and usually indicating a Hereford influence in the animal's breeding.
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Baldy took his appeal to the UK Supreme Court in London, which backed his claim but ruled he was not entitled to damages.
Plans are in the works for a multi-use connector between the Mount Baldy trail and the Fox Hollow trail to the southeast, so hikers and bikers can avoid Dillard Road; when complete it will only make Mount Baldy all the more inviting.
Mt Baldy Ski Lifts signed a contract with XavierC LLC to supply the conservation balls in September.
Baldy Bullet Company has what you need at a price you can afford.
He surely has not become Baldy, who is finally described as a psychopath, and he has not yet fully become Jackal, a jungle animal.
Baldy is minutes north of Upland and Claremont off the 210 freeway.
Jamie says: "The Baldy Holly Band actually came into existence some what tongue in cheek.
Baldy and issued on a strict first come first served basis," said Ellingson.
Commissioned in 1966, Pont Baldy is located south-east of BrianE*on, Hautes-Alpes, has an output of 5MW and produces 18 million kWh per annum, supplying the needs of about 3,000 households in BrianE*on and its surroundings.
But PeaceHealth has said it will take several years to do the work, so Lane Transit District proposed the Baldy View Lane alternative to meet its deadline to complete the new route by January 2011.
Crazy is in Glenochil, near Alloa, and Baldy is in Barlinnie, Glasgow.