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baldy, baldy-faced

said of cattle to mean a white face and usually indicating a Hereford influence in the animal's breeding.
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Hollywood star Bruce Willis proves despite being a baldie, he's still more than capable of letting his hair down.
The world's most evil baldie, The Hood,must be chuckling ``Exceelent'' more wickedly than ever.
The 14-handicapper was out letting his hair down with fellow snooker professionals Cliff Thorburn, Dennis Taylor and baldie Willie Thorne.
Whenever anybody with a full mane of hair, like Heseltine, Portillo or Clarke, comes along, they are dumped in favour of another boring baldie.
IT might be hard to believe but EastEnders baldie Gary Beadle (left) was once given a DIY hair care kit for Christmas.
I'm guessing the Dutch baldie who bears a passing resemblance to Lurch has got what he wanted.
But it's lovely seeing the relationship between the handlers and their dogs - especially PC Adele Gibson with her sniffer dogs Diesel and Vinnie, named after Hollywood baldie Vin Diesel.
The lesser-spotted Iain Duncan Smith (the baldie bonce who's hoping to lead the Tories back to power - ha ha ha) appeared on a special one-panellist-only edition of Question Time (BBC1, Thurs).
The famous baldie has teamed up with British model Gabrielle Richens to present Channel 5's new Saturday night challenge show The Desert Forges.
The latest insane "story" dived about like a headless chicken, but hysterical moments included a wonderful doo-wop musical routine called The Baldie Song.
Scottish SPCA Inspector Robert Baldie said yesterday: "It appears this dog was simply been dumped in the street.