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adj referring to the adaptability of some substances with which a given dosage may have a stimulating effect on the body in one instance and a soothing effect in another instance.

Patient discussion about balancing

Q. my friend recently told me that she throws up from time to time and it helps her balance her weight I told her I think that’s what bulimic girls do, but she insisted that it wasn’t something she can’t control or that comes after eating bursts (which she doesn’t have). It still seems wrong to me, but I would like to hear other’s opinions.

A. bolimic girls try to avoid eating. then they get so frustrated that they eat like crazy and then feel guilty and threw ups. it's a bad condition that needs to and can be treated.

Q. how do i deal with gaining weight ...? i mean really massive change in my weight balance ... sometimes it goes extremely up and sometimes i lose like 5 kilos a week .. what can it be ? i am 25 years old and i don't have health issues beside that ...

A. If this is occurring frequently you should go see a doctor about it. Do you have thyroid problems? Have you been sick a lot?


A. Not really my area, but you can try and ask in the alternative medicine community (

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Now we can work with VA Linux, well known for its excellence on Linux-related technology and experience, we hope we can provide our customers to new value-added service which provides better load balancing and high-availability via VA Balance.
Most likely, switch vendors will integrate Layer 4 load balancing functionality into their switch products.
But before Americans start celebrating the new era of fiscal cooperation in Washington, they may want to take a few minutes and consider what kind of future the nation has committed itself to in our seven-year budget balancing act.
Other balancing techniques employed when shortfalls appear toward the end of the fiscal year include the postponement of payments until after the end of the year or, sometimes, the acceleration of some receipts into the year.
If the Balanced Budget Amendment were in force, it is easy to envision a long series of budget crises in which 1932-style "emergency" tax increases will be repeatedly enacted, always with the promise of balancing next year's budget.
Guiding you through Balancing Act is "Level," a sculptural balancing buddy made from cubes and boxes.
The spot closes with an image of the Level bottle balancing on its side on a martini glass with a carpenter's level bubble moving inside the bottle and, ultimately, settling perfectly balanced in the bottle.
F5 Products Successfully Deliver IDS Load Balancing, Firewall Load
With the new Internet Ironware software upgrade, ServerIron switches provide significant enhancements to firewall load balancing, server load balancing, and global server load balancing to make the network infrastructure for E-Commerce, ISPs and enterprises more secure and manageable.
HydraWEB Technologies, a leading manufacturer of Internet infrastructure devices that guarantee the availability and reliability of e-business networks, today announced Hydra1500(tm)--the second product in HydraWEB's new Mercury Series of load balancing devices.
com, the leading global online careers site, has licensed additional HydraWEB load balancing devices in preparation for an expected surge in traffic to its Web site in early 2000.