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a flexible container; see also pocket, pouch and sac.
colostomy bag a receptacle worn over the stoma by a colostomy patient, to receive the fecal discharge.
Douglas bag a receptacle for the collection of exhaled air, permitting measurement of respiratory gases; typically used to measure dead space to tidal volume ratio (VD/VT).
ileostomy bag any of various plastic or latex pouches attached to the stoma either for collection of fecal material as a continent ileal reservoir or for collection of urine as a neobladder.
micturition bag a receptacle used for urine by ambulatory patients with urinary incontinence.
Politzer bag a soft bag of rubber for inflating the eustachian tube.
bag of waters popular name for the amniotic sac.


A pouch, sac, or receptacle.
[A.S. baelg]


(bag) sac; a flexible container.
colostomy bag  a bag worn over the stoma to receive fecal discharge after colostomy.
ileostomy bag  a plastic or latex bag attached to the body for collection of urine or fecal material after ileostomy or cystoplasty.
Politzer's bag  a soft bag of rubber for inflating the auditory tube.
bag of waters  popular name for the amniotic sac.


Etymology: AS, baelg
a flexible or dilatable sac or pouch designed to contain gas, fluid, or semisolid material such as crushed ice. An Ambu bag or breathing bag is used to control the flow of respiratory gases entering the lungs of a patient. Several types of bags are used in medical or surgical procedures to dilate the anus, vagina, or other body openings.


Drug slang
A commonly used term for a sachet containing drugs. A bag is often used as a “unit”, such that a user might be said to have (e.g.) a 5 bag/day habit.

Vox populi
(1) A sack; a soft, pliable container made of cloth, plastic or leather.
(2) A highly derogatory term for an old woman.


Drug slang Street slang for a container for drugs


A pouch, sac, or receptacle.
[A.S. baelg]


1. A sack or pouch.
2. A colloquial term meaning to support a patient's respirations with a face mask and a manually compressible source of air or oxygen.
3. To place a specimen or a used or potentially infectious item in a flexible plastic container, either for delivery to the lab or for disposal.

colostomy bag

A watertight receptacle that holds the discharge from a colostomy site.
Synonym: colostomy appliance; colostomy pouch

Douglas bag

See: Douglas bag

hot water bag

Hot water bottle
Enlarge picture

ice bag

A flexible, watertight bag with a sealable opening large enough to permit ice cubes or chipped ice to be added. It is used in any condition requiring local application of cold. In an emergency any sturdy, flexible plastic bag can be used, with the open end sealed by a knot. A simple ice pack can be made at home by mixing 3 cups of water and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol in a resealable plastic bag and placing the sealed mixture in the freezer for 8 to 12 hours. The solution will not freeze but will attain a gel-like consistency that molds to the body part on which it is used. Alternatively, a bag of frozen peas may be used as a conforming ice bag. The usual application time for an ice bag is alternating 10 min on, 20 min off.


Dry ice should not be placed in an ice bag.

bag of waters


Politzer bag

See: Politzer bag

Voorhees bag

See: Voorhees bag


a sac or pouch. A farmer's term for udder.

a basic form of ventilator used in gaseous anesthesia in which an expandable bag is enclosed in a bottle. Injection or extraction of air in the bottle causes expansion and contraction of the bag and controls ventilation.
Douglas bag
a receptacle for the collection of expired air, permitting measurement of respiratory gases.
fecal bag
strapped to an animal in such a way as to catch the fecal output. Used in experimental work or clinical investigation in ambulatory animals especially sheep.
hard bag
a name given to the udder induration seen with some cases of maedi.
sterilizing bag
any of several types of paper or plastic bags used to package individual instruments in the autoclaving process.
urine bag
a bag strapped to the animal, usually an ambulatory sheep, in such a way as to collect the total urinary output.
bag of waters
the membranes enclosing the amniotic fluid and the developing fetus in utero.
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