bag-valve-mask device

bag-valve-mask de·vice

, bag-mask device (bag-valv-mask dĕ-vīs', bag'mask dĕ-vīs')
A hand-powered, positive-pressure, ventilation device consisting of a mask, one-way valve, and self-inflating bag; may be attached to an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube or a face mask.
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Los Angeles called to San Diego and Barstow that the Southern California engineers might know and be ready in their lonely round-houses; Barstow passed the word to the Atlantic and Pacific; the Albuquerque flung it the whole length of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe management, even into Chicago.
Attempted bag ventilation after intubation resulted in a massive air leak, necessitating swapping to a bag-valve-mask device.
If pulse oximetry is available one can gauge from the patient's saturation how long to continue with intubation before (if unsuccessful) withdrawing and reventilating the patient with the bag-valve-mask device.