bag lady

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bag lady/man,

a homeless indigent woman or man who carries all personal possessions in a portable container.
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Chris Juetten, an override supporter, said dressing up as a bag lady or a bum trivializes homelessness, a serious issue.
The only difference being some people are still a bit shocked at the bag lady.
BAG LADY A woman was stopped at Munich airport after baggage control handlers found the skeleton of her brother sealed in a plastic bag in her luggage.
But if this is style, it is clearly bag lady inspired.
The booze flows, shady characters emerge, and a bag lady named Princess knows more than it seems.
Their biggest hit, Miss Jackson, which almost made it to the top spot on the UK chart, was directed at Eryka Badu's mother - Andre and Eryka have a son together - and many thought Motown would be able to deliver the dreadlocked diva on the record's coat-tails, but with Badu's Bag Lady single on the launchpad, the label bottled out.
An old bag lady was magnificently portrayed by Kathryn Dunn, who demonstrated an unsuspected rubbery face.
THIGH'S THE LIMIT Strutting in kinky boots; BAG LADY In her Louis Vuitton promo; LITTLE TO THE MADGINATION In promo pose; THRUST TO AVOID Singer in "sexy" bandages
Now she's the bin bag lady, I always thought she was.
AS a committed bag lady I was agog to see the new Louis Vuitton handbag, a snip at just pounds 23,000.
So they come to the community room one night a week, one day hoping to become like Frezia Navarro, a young woman living at Park Place who couldn't speak a word of English earlier this year - until the bag lady stopped by to make a house call.