bag lady

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bag lady/man,

a homeless indigent woman or man who carries all personal possessions in a portable container.
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Sure, it was just a joke that day at the restaurant in 1985, when Snyder, responding to Weaver's concern about their economic futures, said: "We could all be bag ladies together.
Melany Hearne Martins, Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Exantas Capital LLC, chaired the Bag Ladies Luncheon this year.
For once the stars turned out looking like stars and not a bunch of bag ladies - or Liz Hurley.
Hollywood women have turned into bag ladies this season, with Tinseltown's finest going crazy for clutch bags.
I'd say that the critics all dress like bag ladies, have bad hair days every day, and are jealous of the runaway success of Trinny and Susannah.