bad habit

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A patterned behaviour regarded as detrimental to one’s physical or mental health, which is often linked to a lack of self-control
Examples Alcohol or drug abuse, consumption of tobacco in any form, overeating, regular ‘junk food’ consumption, late-night ‘partying,’ and compulsive activities including gambling, shopping, sexual addiction, and others

bad habit

Unhealthy habit Clinical medicine A patterned behavior regarded as detrimental to physical or mental health, which is often linked to a lack of self-control. Cf Good habit.

Patient discussion about bad habit

Q. is red meat bad for you??? and what about white meat like pork??? why is consider to be healthy eating vegie what are the advantages of this kind of diet ?

A. Eating a lot of red meat is considered to be a risk factor for developing colon cancer, and therefore it is advised not to eat too much of it. On the other hand, a diet rich with vegetables and fruit is considered very good because of the high fiber content, which is very benefitial for your gastrointestinal system. A diet poor with high fiber products is also considered a risk factor for the developement of colon cancer. White meat has a high content of fat and cholesterol, and is also not very recommended to be eating a lot of.

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References in classic literature ?
When the mystery was explained, the elders were well pleased, and Rose received a vote of thanks, which made her feel as if she had done a service to her country, as she had, for every boy who grows up free from bad habits bids fair to make a good citizen.
So I went on: "In general before I go to sleep--very often in bed(it's a bad habit, but I confess to it), I read some great poet.
To meet and rebuke this bad habit of the masters, the schoolboy mind, with its accustomed ingenuity, had invented an elaborate system of tradition.
I have acquired the bad habit of calling persons by their titles from living in a country where barons are still barons by right of birth.
Don't you get into a bad habit of boasting,' retorts Durdles, with a grave cautionary nod.
It is a very bad habit I am convinced, for you see I don't sleep.
The other, his short, sharp, ill-tempered manner of speaking to the servants-- which may be only a bad habit after all.
He checked himself as if trying to break a bad habit.
After your confession, that is weakness, of course; but, after all, how can anyone give up a bad habit at a moment's notice?
There was an old hippo that had the bad habit of getting out on the bank and roam- ing at night over the station grounds.
But yet you are fully convinced that he will be sure to learn when he gets rid of certain old bad habits, and when common sense and science have completely re- educated human nature and turned it in a normal direction.
He has no bad habits and he's a great worker, and you can depend on him.