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The difference is attributed to daily pooling and storage of milk at 5[degrees]C followed by activation of the LP-system on the second and fourth day resulted in 1000 times lower bacterial count than in untreated control after storage of milk for 6 days [19].
The heterofermentative bacterial count (APT agar) was 10.
For bacteria-sensitive applications, water is sanitized by a 254-nm in-line ultraviolet (UV) lamp to reduce the bacterial count by a log reduction value (LRP) of 4.
It is one of the strongest products on the market in terms of bacterial count and beneficial effects on health.
In this work, bacterial count was adopted as a measure of hygiene standard of food and water given to 2 [pounds sterling] year-old children while their mothers were engaged in trading activities in the market.
In the absence of antimicrobial additives, the bacterial count within 3 weeks climbed to about fivefold the initial amount.
The Centre for Food Safety (CFS) of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department today (January 15) announced that a soft ice-cream sample was found to contain a total bacterial count and coliform bacteria exceeding the legal limits.
Thus, a study evaluating the contents of protein, fat, SCC, and total bacterial count (TBC) should comprehend a large portion of the abovementioned concepts and aim to fill the current gaps in the international literature.
However, nitrogen content, C: N ratio and bacterial count were significantly (P a$?
Until 3 d of storage at room or low temperature, the bacterial count was significantly high in untreated control sample as compared to treated ones.
All the samples were subjected to somatic cell count and total bacterial count tests.