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The kitchen/breakfast room features an oil-fired Aga, while original stone steps lead down to the sitting room with original bacon curing hooks.
It plans to transfer the bacon curing operation to its Malton site and slicing to Scunthorpe.
Operations from the Ashton plant would be transferred to two other facilities, with bacon curing moved to Vion Malton and bacon slicing shifted to its Scunthorpe plant.
Simon Howie Butchers, Perth and Kinross--133,640 [pounds sterling] towards development of pork processing, bacon curing and a new range of 'healthy eating' meals
There will also be a chance to find out more about the history of bacon curing and talk to the butchers.
Rodbaston College in Penkridge, Staffordshire, is offering short courses in a range of skills from pie-making to bacon curing in a bid to inspire people in the industry to boost their businesses.
Quality control programs can range from checking the accuracy of measurement scales to specifying the level of nitrites in bacon curing, for example.
Sadly, the traditional means of bacon curing are hard to find.
He adds: "Living in Wiltshire, which has a long history of bacon curing, we have been able to recruit staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience to which we have added old family recipes, resulting in a unique and flavoursome product.
Malton's growth has not gone unnoticed in bacon curing circles in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.
However, producers in Holland are still planning to link the integrated quality control scheme (IKB) with bacon curing.
One of the firm's top-selling in this traditional category is the Wilshire, which owes its existence to a bacon curing process invented by the Harris brothers last century.