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Instrument response in the absence of a sample.
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Legislation Sponsored by Senator Schumer Would Close the Private Sale Loophole by Requiring Private Sellers to Meet Buyers at a Local Dealer to Conduct a Background Check
Developed and sustained by background screening professionals, the BSAAP reflects, reinforces, and promotes best practices, institutional ethics, and the highest standards of background screening operations.
This will help us to suppress the background of random coincidences and is necessary in any case to reduce the capacitance of the detector.
They've been conducting background checks for years; it is time, they say, for higher ed to catch up.
Scott DeYoung, a personnel analyst, said an automated scheduling system cut investigations to under 100 days and uses a preliminary background questionnaire from each applicant to identify problem areas.
The satellite has also measured the polarization of the cosmic microwave background.
One of the biggest problems is there is currently no mechanism for nationwide criminal background checks," Mighell said.
This person's sole responsibility is performing the background checks.
Make sure that your desired background color is the foreground color on your tools palette.
Schwab: For me, having a broad background also means having a grasp of other cultures.
This shows good separation of protons in coincidence with electrons, with little background under the proton peak.
Unlike the ground-based ACBAR, the satellite has examined the microwave background over the entire sky.